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London Fashion Week Fall 2013.2014 is over and I already picked my favorite collections. My first choice was CHRISTOPHER KANE. Christopher was referencing "The Cramps" and he achieved this concept with a luxury and expensive touch. ¡And it shows!

It's impossible not to notice the Frankenstein digital prints (I guess it's something that Ricardo Tisci would do for Givenchy, right?) it gives the collection a fun yet dark twist and aims for a younger clientele. So, if you're planning to buy clothing with printed graphics on it, just think about monsters or something related (in case you don't find clothes with Frankenstein's face all over the place). 

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London Fashion Week otoño 2013.2014 ha finalizado y ya escogí mis colecciones favoritas. Mi primera elección fue CHRISTOPHER KANE. Christopher tuvo como referencia a "The Cramps" y logró este concepto con un toque de lujo y apariencia costosa ¡Y se ve!

Es imposible no notar los estampados de Frankenstein (supongo que es algo que Ricardo Tisci haría para Givenchy, cierto?) le da a la colección un toque divertido pero misterioso que apunta a una clientela más joven. Así que si tienes planeado comprar ropa con estampados gráficos, piensa en monstruos o cualquier cosa relacionada sobre ellos (en caso que no puedas encontrar ropa con motivos de Frankenstein). 

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I´ve fallen in love with this look and it's so easy to achieve on a daily day basis. You'll need three basic pieces to put together this amazing outfit. A polo shirt with animal print (this one has leopard print on it but you can choose other exotic print if you want to, just keep in mind that this shirt comes in dark colors so pick one that it's alike to these tones). A basic cardigan sweater (prefer dark colors as well), black skinny jeans and some dark brown-sand shoes and you're done. In case that you can´t afford this Christopher Kane outfit, this is an easy way to get the look. I just love that animal print is steady in everyone's closet and it's becoming a must-have for both men and women, specially for men that used to be so unusual. I wear animal print to the minimal but I celebrate that it's there as an option.

This is another magnificent look that inspires me. It has beautiful tiger print in both shirt and hand bag (the same pattern) and they're complemented with black skinny jeans and black slippers (I just don't get the white socks, they don't look so nice). It's a very basic outfit but the richness of the animal print (in black and white) makes it look so sophisticated and effortless. ¡I JUST LOVE ANIMAL PRINT ON MEN!

And last but not least this beautiful ensemble with a little more color to it. There you have the same black skinny jeans complemented with red wine slippers, an americano-neck black coat and this shirt-sweater-gloves-attached-scarf with a very intricate print. I'm not sure if it's some sort of animal print but it looks quite organic, it kinda looks like a very deep zoom-in to a flowers petal or even a cell, right? I don't know but it's beautiful. It only means that exotic prints are gonna be huge next fall. These looks bring me so much inspiration (I hope it does the same for you). Let's all give a personal touch to it, living the trends it's funnier when it matches with your personal style.