VMAS 2013: Best and worst dressed + Performances.

VMAs 2013 logo
Vma's Logo by MTV. Graphic by: AndyHoffman.
We all know the VMAS always bring the lulz by everything that happens before, during and after the show, this year's vmas weren't the exception. ¡And yes, Miley Cyrus stole the show. Both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are crying right now because of it!

Ok, first thing first. Can we talk about how amazing was Lady Gaga's intro for the show? That nurse-meets clown-meets ghost outfit gave me everything, it was even complemented with a pearl necklace (to be honest, that's one of the first things I noticed, she's well-known for taking care for every single detail in her outfits) It was great ¡IT WAS LITERALLY TIME FOR SHOWTIME!. (I'm not even gonna lie, Lady Gaga was much better in other back-in-the-day performances, but it wasn't as bad as Kary Perry's. Katy is almost 30 and her entire performance was cheesy and childish. And what the fuck was wrong with her vocals? This girl can't sing to safe her own life, oh, and by the way, she has zero stage presence.

Anyways, let's talk about two things. The fashion, the do's, the don'ts, and the best and worst performances of the night. ¡Then again, Miley was the WORST, but at least she got those headlines and it somehow is helping to push the hype around her upcoming album BANGERZ and her current song on the radio WE CAN'T STOP! I mean, everyone is talking about it. (let's talk about that shit later on the post).


THE WORST (and it doesn't matter if it was the VMAS, looking like a clown in the red carpet is more of a stupid move than a scene to show an "interesting personal style". There's a huge gap between looking bold and risky to look tacky and uncalled for. Here are a few:

Worst dressed Miley Cyrus VMAS 2013
Miley Cyrus, VMAs 2013.
Miley Cyrus:  Here's how she arrived to the red carpet and the outfit she wore for her performance. Was she trying to show how hot her body is? Because the showing was there, but the body?... her red carpet outfit is a vintage Dolce & Gabbana.


Los VMAs 2013 lograron su objetivo. Llamar la atención de los medios de comunicación gracias a la controversia que siempre se produce antes, durante y después del show. Este año Miley Cyrus fue la encargada de causar el escándalo, aunque Lady Gaga y Justin Timberlake se encargaron de darle al show la parte musical ¡Y no decepcionaron! Hagamos en este post un recorrido de los mejores y peores vestidos del evento y las presentaciones más relevantes :-)

Lil Kim worst dressed Vmas 2013
Lil Kim, VMAs 2013.
Lil Kim: Nothing new here, she doesn't know her body type, her weight or hight. Plus she went overboard with the plastic surgeries, she's not recognizable anymore. ¡And her crotch is about to explode!

Lady Gaga worst dressed Vmas 2013
Lady Gaga, VMAs 2013.
Lady Gaga: She was one of those celebrities allowed to wear a monkey in the head and it'd be interesting and groundbreaking, yet Lady Gaga decided to show up dressed in a modified Prabal Gurung (the dress was made in 48 hours according to the designer). The wet finish of the fabric looks cheap and it's literally related to the family of the trash bags. The bow was unnecessary and let's not even talk about her fucked up lace front. That's one of the worst wigs she's had. ¡Boring!

Grimes worst dressed Vmas 2013
2-Chainz and Grimes. VMAs 2013.
2 Chainz and Grimes: At the beginning I thought the print was cute, then I realized it's a good look when you use just a little of that print in a single piece or an accessory, yet 2 Chainz was all over the place with it. And let's not even start with Grimes and her over sized pants. What's with her fabric bracelet and those hoochie shoes?

Jordis Sparks worst dressed Vmas 2013
Jordin Sparks, VMAS 2013.
Jordin Sparks: She's still alive and her sense of style is still in the gutter. We all know crop-tops are hot right now, but they only look good on specific type of bodies, her torso looks absolutely weird and it's a little bit to wide to be wearing something of that nature.

Hollan roden worst dressed Vmas 2013
Holland Roden, VMAs 2013.
Hollan Roden: She was looking absolutely out of place!!!! It'd be a decent outfit if it was for a more formal kind of event, but she decided to show up at the Vmas in her next years Oscar gown. This is what happens when you just don't get the dress code for an event as irreverent as the Vmas. ¡Or don't have an stylist!

Sarah Hyland vmas 2013
Sarah Hyland, VMAs 2013.
Sarah Hyland: Her dress was one of the weirdest, it somehow looks like iron man's mask translated to a dress, right? It looks costume-ish and out of place. Yet this dress looks amazing on the runway, I guess isn't meant to be for short girls.

THE BEST (People who understood the spirit of the Vmas, looking amazing in the process).

Macklemore sexy outfit vmas 2013
Macklemore, VMAs 2013.
Macklemore (I love them!!! I'm fan-girling right now). I am in love with the black-and-white fux he was wearing and the tone of the suit, and notice how good that baseball jacket looks on Ryan Lewis. They are rapers, the are licensed for the excess but they look amazing while doing so.

Nsync vmas 2013
Nsync. VMAs 2013.
NSYNC: It's 2013 and their stylist know it, their 1999 style is six feet under and they're looking better than ever. The key for their looks was black and white, from the shoes to the suits and shirts. I love how the shirts have the white touch placed differently for each guy on their shirts. Love love love it.

One Direction vmas 2013
One Direction. Vmas 2013.
One Direction: I love them and their style. Even tho' this is not THEIR BEST, I'm gonna put them here because of their amazing style time line.

Selana Gomez wears versace vmas 2013
Selena Gomez. VMAs 2013.
Selena Gomez: I adored her Atelier Versace dress and notice how amazing it looks on her. It was the perfect mix of sensuality and daring, perfect for the Vmas. Loving that corset-like ensemble of the dress and the see-through shoes. ¡Miley, take note!

Taylor Swift vmas 2013
Taylor Swift. VMAs 2013.
Taylor Swift: She's always classy and well put together. I'm gonna put her here because of that.

Taylor Swift vmas 2013 overalls
Willow Smith. VMAs 2013.
Willow Smith: God knows I hate over-alls, but she managed to make them look great on the red carpet.


MILEY CYRUS: What the fuck was she thinking? That's what we all were quiestioning, but in a deeper level, you can tell it was a thoughtful move for her career: everyone is talking about her (bringing the bad and the good press. In Hollywood, both are strong enough to make someone's career) and she made it with her purpose to show herself as an all-grown up girl, in the tackiest and most vulgar possible way, but she did it.

Her team is marketing her just they did in the past with Britney Spears, presenting her as a good girl-gone bad femme fatale to be more appealing to a larger audience, a more mature one, that is.

Who doesn't want to see another story of a Disney girl getting as fucked-up as possible for fame and fortune? I do!!!

LADY GAGA: I loved it. It was a little more toned down than what we're all used to see from her, and it's refreshing. Yet it had the theatrics, the fashion, the make up, the dancing and the WIGS, and she managed to sing live (which is something a "singer" is supposed to do). And can we talk about how fierce her body is? Her ass made Miley's butt look embarrassing and just plain sad. LOL. The outfit-changes on the stage was a little dated and it lacked innovation, but she made it work.

BRUNO MARS: He was one of the best performers of the night! He proved that you can be a GREAT performer just standing there with a microphone and powerful vocals, his new song is sexy and interesting, and the entire scenario with the lights and the fire made it look like a trip to a jungle, full of sensual people ready to party. ¡HOT! Oh! And I loved his animal-print shirt, so appropriate for the theme of the song. 

KANYE WEST: It was a complete disaster. What the fuck was the deal with that cheap-ass background, that silhouette, and the autotune? Everyone was questioning who the fuck was "singing". It was pretentious and he made a fool of himself.

KATY PERRY: As bad as Miley's performance, but this one was lackluster and absolutely boring. She had everything to serve an amazing show (since she was closing), but she proved everyone that she's a terrible performer, who can't sing live, and lacks stage presence. ¡It was so bad I stopped watching when she started jumping with those stripes! LOL.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: It was amazing but so long!!! I loved the NSYNC reunion. And omg, Justin can dance! :-)