Emmy Awards 2013: Best and worst dressed on the red carpet

Pics: Vogue.com / Graphic: AndyZaturno

I loved this years Emmy Awards, the entire event was full of beautiful TV-stars with impressive evening gowns, that not only were projecting the most recent trends, but the whole old Hollywood glamour that's already a traditional seal in these kind of events. It was all about pastels, washed out colors, and solid sober tones. There were also floral prints and lace, different approaches of what's going on in today's fashion. 

Los premios Emmy este año estuvieron geniales, tuvimos la oportunidad de ver a las estrellas de la televisión luciendo hermosos vestidos de diseñador plagados de tendencias actuales y ese aire del viejo Hollywood que ya es tradicional en este tipo de eventos. No fue sorpresa ver que la gran tendencia fue los colores pasteles, los tonos lavados y algunos acentos de estampados florales y encajes. Diferentes acercamientos a la moda mundial de hoy.

Emmy Awards 2013: Best and worst dressed on the red carpet ¡This is my list!

- Taylor Schilling-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Taylor Schilling, Emmy Awards 2013.

Taylor Schilling: She was my favorite of the night, the simplicity of the dress made her look fresh and young (and that's exactly what an actress her age is always aiming for), and it matched perfectly with her red lip and blonde hair. It also had those beautiful cut-outs on the sides of the dress that gave her a change to show her tattoo. It was one of the few white dresses of the evening and that's way it kind of made an statement. ¡I also loved the golden accessories! This dress is by Thakoon.

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-Kerry Washington-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Kerry Washington, Emmy Awards 2013.

Kerry Washington: She looked like a million dollar baby on the red carpet wearing that beautiful Marchesa S/S 2014 gown. The exquisite floral embellishments, the white stripes around her waist, the accessories and the hair were glorious. Even tho' the dress has so many details, she managed to look effortless and extremely classy. 

-Kiernan Shipka-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Kiernan Shipka, Emmy Awards 2013.

Kiernan Shipka: Absolutely adorable. It looked like it was a dress made exactly for her, it matches her age and her attitude, and I just love how she decided to rock a simply ponytail. This a gorgeous DelPozo S/S 2014 dress. Those bright floral prints in the top and those golden sandals are heavenly. 

-Emilia Clarke-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Emilia Clarke, Emmy Awards 2013.

Emilia Clarke: I am in love with this dress, and nop, it's not a Dior dress. I just love that unfinished touch this dress has, it kinda looks like it was made out of paper, right? And the metallic belt (which matches her silver accessories) was the cherry on top of the cake. I love it how dark-haired girls look when they wear white clothing/dresses. Emilia was not the exception. This a beautiful Donna Karan Atelier dress.

-Kate Mara-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Kate Mara, Emmy Awards 2013.

Kate Mara: Looks like my favorite dressed were mostly white right? Lol. Kate Mara looked perfect and such a femme fatale in this J. Mendel dress, the long sleeves, the open up in the bottom, and her hair made an amazing team. There was also white in her shoes and nails. This definitely how you wear a total white ensemble without looking like a hospital related employee. 


-Lena Dunham-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Lena Dunham, Emmy Awards.

Lena Dunham: It's pretty obvious that Lena Dunham doesn't give a fuck about fashion, and that's generally the first step to become the worst dressed. She has no idea about her size, her silhouette or her height. This Prada dress made her look like a living coffee table from the 80's, and that matching make up, and her hair made everything worse. But she looks happy, and that's all that matters.

-Zosia Mamet-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Zosia Mamet, Emmy Awards 2013.

Zosia Mamet: She looked absolutely uncomfortable in that dress. And don't even get me started with that posture, she managed to look like a fool in someone else dress, from a clown. That is. 

-Paula Abdul-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Paula Abdul, Emmy Awards 2013.

Paula Abdul: Even tho' she is not drunk, she looks like it! She appeared at the Emmys in a dress that looked like golden tin foil. What's up with the turtle neck? where's her neck? the long sleeves are also a big no-no and please lose the tacky Chanel clutch. 

-Heidi Klum-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Heidi Klum, Emmy Awards 2013.

Heidi Klum: She is one of the prettiest women in the world but she's also known as one of the worst dressed. This dress looks tacky and uncalled for. Too much shinny, the color, the prosthetic neck that was attached to the dress. Too much, too tacky.

Photos: Vogue.com