FALABELLA HOT 2013: It's back with fashion retro-style.

Falabella HOT 2013. Photo: Falabella Colombia. Graphics: Andy.

Giant retailer Falabella is back with a new HOT collection for spring/summer 2014 (August 24th available), and this time they are mixing together the best trends of the past with the innovation and excitement of the present. Retro style from the 60s, 70s, 90s but with a modern day twist. ¡The new collection is the best of both worlds and I love it!

The entire collection is gonna be very appealing to every woman out there willing to go back to the past and start living again the magic of those eras, how? by wearing first-hand clothing with a vintage spirit. THAT'S FALABELLA HOT 2013.

For the shooting of the campaign they traveled to iconic places such as the 5th Avenue in New York City, Brooklyn Bridge, 90s Urbe, Connie Island, Central Park and Storm Kin. ¡It doesn't get better than that!

It was a nice idea splitting the collection in 4 different lines of inspiration, they are:

60’s VintageGlam: Inspired in "Breakfast at Tiffany's", you can't go wrong wearing this collection. It's meant for women who enjoy dressing classy and always well-put together.

Falabella. Shoot in NYC.

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Falabella presenta su nueva colección HOT 2013, inspirada en íconos de las décadas: 60’s: Vintage Glam, 70’s: Print & Print, 90’s: Chic NY y Sport Deluxe. Para su catálogo usó como escenario el lugar perfecto: New York y su 5th Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge, 90s Urbe, Connie Island, Central Park, Storm King y 70s Interiores. En esta oportunidad Falabella quiere llevar a todas las mujeres a un viaje por el pasado y reinventar los estilos a la actualidad, para lograr una identidad única que les permita usar las cuatro tendencias de acuerdo con la ocasión. Está disponible en las tiendas desde el 24 de agosto.

70’s Print&Print: Inspired in the Hippie Style, there's clothing infested with plaid, florals, stripes, and paisley prints. This is pretty much the most nostalgic-vintage concept of the all.

Chic 90’s NY: ¿Remember Party Monster? Yep, those people who expressed themselves through every piece of clothing. That's the concept of this line. You're gonna find clothes with masculine cuts, always having a very comfortable touch to it. Flowing shirts, pads and silhouettes with the waist as the main point.  

Sport Deluxe: Sport-chic clothing. Pieces that you can wear to feel conformable but looking great while doing so.

Then again, this new collection is available at Falabella everywhere. Don't miss it. Here are some amazing pictures of the collection.