Fashion icon Angelina Jolie starring as Maleficent

Pic: Disney International. Graphic: AndyZaturno

Angelina Jolie is well known for being an extraordinary actress, mom, philanthropist, and most of all, for her beauty, but what I like the most about her is, of course, her personal style, she's a fashion icon from head to toe.


She's gonna play "Maleficent" in the upcoming Disney movie and I think she's perfect for the role. She already have sharp cheekbones, deep eyes and strong jawline, everything you would ask for in a villain, and you can tell is gonna make a huge contrast with the innocent Elle Fanning who's gonna play Aurora. 

Also, I can't wait for the fashion and the over-the-top costumes for all the characters, Disney doesn't play when it comes to this department. The magic, the fabrics, everything involving the movie is gonna be amazing.

Here's the trailer for the movie. It opens in theaters next year. Who else is exited? 


Maléfica es la nueva película de Disney que será protagonizada por Angelina Jolie y Elle Fanning, un clásico de 1959 que vuelve a las pantallas para hacernos vibrar con magia y esplendor. Me emociona particularmente el tema del vestuario en esta película pues Disney no escatima en este departamento. Y por lo que se puede ver en los afiches de la película, la producción será genial.