Monday, September 30, 2013

SHEER SKIRTS - Faldas con velo transparente

Sheer skirts, faldas transparentes de velo.
Pic: Lookbook. nu / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Sheer skirts have been trending since like year, but they are gonna have a huge impact in the four last months of 2013. From high-end stores to retail, they're always easy to find, and even tho' the most popular is the black sheer one, they come in so much more colors.

This kind of piece is ideal for women who want to hide legs bruises, or those ones who consider that their legs are way too skinny, or too fat, long or short, the beautiful sheer masks everything in a very subtle way.

Bet on it and give it a chance, it's like if you had two skirts in one. ¡I love it! 

Sheer skirts, faldas transparentes de velo.
Pic: blog.bestylish 

They look amazing with both high or flat shoes, if you want to use this kind of skirts, prefer dark or black shoes (if they skirt is black), nude shoes if the skirt is white or comes in a washed out color.


Las faldas con velo transparente han sido tendencia desde el año pasado, pero en estos últimos cuatro meses del año, tendrán un protagonismo importante, desde los almacenes de cadena hasta las tiendas de lujo tienen esta falda en su stock. 

Esta falda es ideal para aquellas mujeres, que aparte de quererse ver a la última moda y cargadas de las últimas tendencias, quieren una prenda versátil que ayude a ocultar marcas en las piernas, o para ocultar (pero lucir a la vez) piernas que consideran gordas, o muy flacas, largas o cortas. ¡Lucir las piernas de una manera sutil y elegante!

En RAGGED pueden encontrar este tipo de faldas a precios increíbles, no hay excusas para decir que a nuestro país no llegan prendas de tendencia, o que no las elaboran marcas nacionales. ¡Es tu oportunidad de hacerte a una prenda transgresora y cargada de moda internacional! 

Sheer skirts, faldas transparentes de velo.
Pic: Ragged. / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Colored Sole Shoes: Zapatos con suelas de color

Colored sole shoes. Zapatos con suelas de color.
Pics: thegrovela. Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Men's shoes tend to be a little bit boring, there's not much innovation out there when it comes to wrap up our feet, but there's a new light on the road for us in this specific topic, it's called: Colored Sole Shoes and they are the hottest thing right now in footwear for men. Even celebrities are using them right now.

They are not necessarily sneakers with colored soles, but formal-casual footwear with this beautiful color touch to it, starting from Oxford shoes to brogues, they are covering all type of shoes for us to enjoy, and of course, to buy. They come in blue, red, and even MINT GREEN

I'm personally giving them a change at the office, I can easily wear shoes like this with a dark suit and a plain white shirt, they would be pretty much the color focal point of the entire ensemble. It's fun and it's new. Don't let this trend dies because you are afraid of it. ¡Just give it a chance! And trust me, they are so easy to find, go to Target, Walmart, fast fashion stores like Zara or Bershka, or even high-end brands like Hugo Boss, they are waiting for you. For the girls, there are trendy options like the high heelded sandals.

Colored sole shoes. Zapatos con suelas de color.


Los zapatos con suelas de colores son tendencia, y como toda tendencia, es fácil de conseguir en los almacenes, hace poco vi una gran variedad de este tipo de zapatos en Arturo Calle, económicos, y exactamente como se ven en las revistas internacionales de moda para hombres. Incluso las celebridades ya los están usando.

Vienen en todos los colores, desde amarillo hasta rojo, llegando hasta el hermoso VERDE MENTA ya depende de ti cual escoger, la magia de todo esto es que no vienen necesariamente en zapatos deportivos o tenis, vienen especialmente en zapatos formales casuales como los brogues o los Oxford, un toque de color en el calzado para actualizar nuestros atuendos para la oficina. 

No dejemos que la tendencia acabe sin antes darles un chance.

Colored sole shoes. Zapatos con suelas de color.
Pic: thexstylez. 
This is an example of how great colored sole shoes look, the guy in the pic is matching the shoes with his trend, yet you can wear the shoes only as the main colored focus point. 

Este es un ejemplo genial. El chico de la foto combinó los zapatos con su abrigo, sin embargo, puedes usar solo los zapatos como el toque de color principal de tu atuendo.

Colored sole shoes. Zapatos con suelas de color.
Pic: trendland
Beautiful blue soles. They look amazing with nude khaki ensembles. (Suelas azules,

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrity Style. Celebridades con Estilo.

Pics: Celebrity-gossip. Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Hey you guys, this is going to be a new series of blog post where I'm gonna be writing about celebrity style (from red carpets to street style), both men's and women's. It's also a great opportunity for you guys to take note and inspiration from them and apply their style into yours (without losing your own). Obviously there's gonna be a lot of fashion do's, but a lot of don'ts as well. ¡It's up to you to decide which style is best for you!

Hola chicos, estamos estrenando nueva sección. En adelante tendremos post relacionados al estilo de las celebridades (tanto en su día a día como en las alfombras rojas) tanto hombres como mujeres. Es una oportunidad para tomar inspiración de ellos y aplicar su estilo en el tuyo (sin perder tu estilo personal por supuesto). ¡Tendremos muchos SI, pero también muchos NO. (Depende de ti de quién inspirarte)!

Kesha Style.
Not matter if her recent album was an absolute flop, she's still confident about her performance persona and end up looking like a clown in a blender every time she goes out, in fact, ¡she's matching shoes with the hair! I like the leather jacket, I guess.

Naomi Watts Style.
Naomi Watts.
¡It's not her! is it her? You wouldn't notice since she's looking more like an average citizen than a multimillionaire global movie star. The over sized sweater and the scarf are way too much, and are those velvet boots with socks? The end. 

Victoria Beckham Style.
Victoria Beckham.
Now this is how a celebrity should look like when she/he is in public. You know you are famous and you are going to be shot, look decent for that moment. Victoria Beckham is one of the best dressed celebrities in the world and she's giving everyone a lesson with this look. ¡Loving the nude cape!

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Christian Dior. Spring - Summer 2014. Paris.


Christian Dior is by far, the strongest collection from Paris Fashion week Spring 2014. It's not only a continuation of Raf Simons aesthetic for the brand, but he managed to mix haute couture with pre-a-porter when it comes to shapes, look and feel.

I love it how he puts together bright bold colors and prints with black pieces, with every ensemble, you can spot a focal point, whether it's an accessory, a beautiful skirt, or high stilettos. ¡This is a collection that really represents summer!

La colección de Christian Dior es hasta ahora, lo mejor de la semana de moda de Paris, temporada verano 2014. Esta colección es una hermosa continuación del impecable trabajo que ha hecho Raf Simons para Dior, siendo cauteloso con el manejo de siluetas y manteniendo la dupla de colores vivos y estampados florales, neutralizados con piezas en tono negro. ¡Una verdadera propuesta para verano!




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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Balenciaga. Spring / Summer 2014. Paris Fashion Week.


Balenciaga is one of the fashion houses that brings the excitement every time they put a new collection out there, but since Alexander Wang was named the head director of the brand, things are starting to look, and feel, repetitive. The entire aesthetic scream Nicolas Ghesquière, and even tho' it's safe to design clothing with his same vision so the transition from designer to designer doesn't seem so hard for the brand itself and for the clientele, it's time for Alexander to show his creativity in something that he can call his own.

The spot-wear aesthetic was there (something that made him famous) and it's gonna sell well for sure, but it's a collection that still doesn't have Alexander's statement seal. It's a beautiful collection, don't get me wrong, but we were expecting something new.




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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Denim Project Chevignon Concurso.
Pic: Chevignon.

Todos conocemos el profundo amor que le tiene la marca Chevignon a la mezclilla, al denim. A partir de esa fijación y profunda admiración a este material, surge DENIM PROJECT. Un concurso para los curiosos, para los apasionados que siempre están en busca de la experimentación y la exploración. 

El concurso surge a partir del libro DENIM PROJECT, una publicación editorial que reúne información a profundidad sobre el denim, la naturaleza de su tejido y la importancia del jean como prenda indispensable, en pasado, presente y futuro.


Si eres estudiante o profesional y quieres mostrar tu propia versión del jean desde tu oficio, esta es tu oportunidad. Re-interpretar un clásico de vestuario con toda tu visión creativa ¡Y lo mejor es que hay premios fabulosos para la mejor demostración!

ESTUDIANTES: Mayores de 18 años que estén en programas de formación profesional, técnica o tecnológica. Se pueden inscribir de manera individual o en parejas.

PROFESIONALES: Personas con nivel educativo de técnica, tecnología o pregrado. Se pueden inscribir de manera individual o en parejas. *Los profesionales pueden ser en representación de una empresa o marca.

¿Haces parte de alguno de estos dos perfiles? Yo ya me ubiqué en la categoría de profesionales y voy a participar. ¡Una vez tenga todo mi trabajo listo y enviado, lo publicaré aquí para que lo socialicemos! 

Para los que aún no saben, el premio para profesionales es de 10.000 millones de pesos colombianos, y para los estudiantes, el pago total del semestre académico en la institución educativa en la que se encuentren.


Denim Project Chevignon Concurso.
Anna Marconi: Diseñadora de modas italiana, creadora de Taste of Runway. Ejemplo de re-interpretación.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Spring - Summer 2014. Milan Fashion Week

This is by far one of the most beautiful collections I've seen of Dolce & Gabbana in recent years. For an instant I remembered their breath-taking performances back in 2006-2007 where all you heard was about Dolce & Gabbana and their innovation and riskiness on the runway. This time around (spring/summer 2014) was all about mythology, Greece, Gods and goddesses, Champs Elysee, evergreen gardens, and of course, the Italian woman. 

I couldn't help but noticing those huge golden (coin) belts, they were so literal but so perfectly executed that they honestly took my breath away. We already saw belts of that same look & feel in the Versace collections (both men's and women's) and in the current collection of Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2014. But Dolce's were much more rich, a complete object of desire. It talks about excess, wealth, but so subtly that you can't even notice at first glance. 

I really missed shows like this from Dolce & Gabbana, and even tho' some people say that they are playing very safe and aren't actually proposing something different from their past collections, I say that they are sticking to what they know best: taking inspiration from the Italian aesthetic and mixing it together with worldwide themes that make their collections appealing for a general public. 

It was absolutely feminine, cohesive and inspiring, and it's safe to say that it was the best spring 2014 collection from Milan (aside with Roberto Cavalli). It was simply exquisite. 

Emmy Awards 2013: Best and worst dressed on the red carpet

Pics: / Graphic: AndyZaturno

I loved this years Emmy Awards, the entire event was full of beautiful TV-stars with impressive evening gowns, that not only were projecting the most recent trends, but the whole old Hollywood glamour that's already a traditional seal in these kind of events. It was all about pastels, washed out colors, and solid sober tones. There were also floral prints and lace, different approaches of what's going on in today's fashion. 

Los premios Emmy este año estuvieron geniales, tuvimos la oportunidad de ver a las estrellas de la televisión luciendo hermosos vestidos de diseñador plagados de tendencias actuales y ese aire del viejo Hollywood que ya es tradicional en este tipo de eventos. No fue sorpresa ver que la gran tendencia fue los colores pasteles, los tonos lavados y algunos acentos de estampados florales y encajes. Diferentes acercamientos a la moda mundial de hoy.

Emmy Awards 2013: Best and worst dressed on the red carpet ¡This is my list!

- Taylor Schilling-

Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed
Taylor Schilling, Emmy Awards 2013.

Taylor Schilling: She was my favorite of the night, the simplicity of the dress made her look fresh and young (and that's exactly what an actress her age is always aiming for), and it matched perfectly with her red lip and blonde hair. It also had those beautiful cut-outs on the sides of the dress that gave her a change to show her tattoo. It was one of the few white dresses of the evening and that's way it kind of made an statement. ¡I also loved the golden accessories! This dress is by Thakoon.

CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, to see the rest of the LIST.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

PRADA, Spring - Summer 2014 Fashion Show. Milan

PRADA, Spring - Summer 2014 fashion show: I was having mixed feelings about this collection once I saw it earlier today. I tho' it was lackluster, a lot of things happening at the same time, and a sport-chic inspiration that made every piece unwearable and tacky. But it definitely grew on me after I saw the pictures and the details of this collection. It was literally art on the walls, or maybe on the fabrics, that is.

Even tho' I still think the collection it's a little big hard to wear, some of the pieces, like the beautiful plaid skirts or the dresses, are perfect as complements for other pieces and create elaborated and gorgeous ensembles. ¡It's up for the imagination and creativity!.

Friday, September 13, 2013

CONCURSO de AMOR Y AMISTAD: ¿Qué te enamora de la moda?

Foto: / Gráfico: AndyZaturno.

Llegó el mes más romántico del año (además el día del amor y la amistad se acerca) y quiero celebrarlo contigo a través de un concurso sencillo, divertido y en el que todas pueden participar. El premio es la mejor parte, pues viene firmado por la marca colombiana RAGGED. ¿Cómo no participar? ¡?Anímate! 

¿Qué te enamora de la moda?

- Estos son los pasos, MUY SENCILLOS -

1. Tener cuenta en Instagram y seguirme en mi cuenta personal @AndyZaturno y @RaggedStores

2. Sube una foto relacionada al mundo de la moda (Algo que te guste mucho, un par de tacones hermosos que tengas en tu closet, una chaqueta cómoda, un vestido de gala que siempre usas para los eventos especiales, lo que tu quieras, sin embargo la foto la debes tomar tú) que exprese TU AMOR POR LA MODA.

3. En tu imagen que subas a INSTAGRAM debes: Mencionar a @RaggedStores, a mí @AndyZaturno y poner el HASHTAG: #MeEnamoraDeLaModa

4. Es fundamental que en tu foto pongas el hashtag #MeEnamoraDeLaModa de lo contrario no estará participando.

5. Estaremos anunciando el ganador el 21 de Septiembre en FASHION GIVER y en RAGGED!!!

6. El premio incluye una prenda superior, una inferior y un accesorio a elección de la ganadora, todo MARCA RAGGED!!!

7. Sabes otra buena noticia? Puedes subir TODAS LAS FOTOS QUE QUIERAS, entre más subas, más opciones tengo de escoger la mejor y hacerte la ganadora.

8. La actividad se realizará únicamente a través de INSTAGRAM.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Michael Kors. Spring - Summer 2013-2014. New York Fashion Week.

Michael Kors, Spring - Summer 2013-2014, was one of the most expected collection at the New York Fashion Week, he's not only become a household name during NYFW, but he truly represents the innovation and aesthetic of a New York Designer, local, who really knows how to dress a woman (and man). We saw on the runway the american man and woman at their best.

I love the brown honey colors mixed with neutral tones such as the gray and black, and of course the white on white ensembles who are trending since 2 years ago for summer.

The collection was delicate and extremely feminine, yet it is meant for strong woman ready to eat the world. 

Here are some pictures of the collection (And the video above):

Michael Kors, Spring 2014, New York Fashion Week.
Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno

Michael Kors, Spring 2014, New York Fashion Week.
Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Michael Kors, Spring 2014, New York Fashion Week.
Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Proenza Schouler Spring-Summer 2014 - New York fashion week

Proenza Schouler is back with a marvelous collection presented at the New York Fashion Week, spring-summer 2014. I just love the Egyptian look & feel of some of the pieces. This was also mysterious an very innovative. Se the video of the fashion show ABOVE.

An click here to see OSCAR DE LA RENTA Spring / Summer 2014.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oscar de la Renta, New York Fashion Week - Spring 2014

Oscar de la Renta, Spring-Summer 2014. Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. (Oscar de la Renta, Primavera/Verano 2014. Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week).

This was by far, one of the most beautiful and exquisite fashion shows that a New-York based designer has done during fashion week. From the prints, the silhouettes, to the colors. It's an universal aesthetic that covers from young girls to adult business women, to senior citizens. One of my all times favorites. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Miley Cyrus naked for her Wrecking Ball video x Terry Richardson.

Miley’s latest single, the Dr. Luke-produced ballad ‘Wrecking Ball’, has now a video involving what Miley knows best: Controversy. She's not shy when it comes to show a little "extra" like she did in her "We Can't Stop" video, well, she did it again in her ‘Wrecking Ball’ video (directed by fashion photographer Terry Richardson), she didn't show a little extra, she showed everything. She was naked in some parts of the clip.

Terry Richardson is famous for taking pictures of celebrities completely nude (and within his work in the fashion industry) so it's not a surprise that he asked Miley to appear totally naked in her new video.

It's kinda shocking that someone as old and pervert as Terry got to see Miley fully naked, it's like a pedo fantasy or something. Lol.

There's nothing to talk about the fashion since all she wore in the video was her underwear, a tank top, and Doc. Marten boots. 

I liked the video, don't get me wrong. It's a little bit too literal, but it did the job.

XOXO. Andy.

Miley Cyrus lo hizo de nuevo. En su nuevo vídeo de la canción "Wrecking Ball" (producida por Dr. Luke y cuyo vídeo fue dirigido por el afamado fotógrafo de moda Terry Richardson), Miley invita nuevamente a la controversia, algo a lo que ya nos tenía acostumbrados desde que salió su video de WE CAN'T STOP y después de su vergonzosa presentación en los VMAs de este año.

En Wrecking Ball, Miley no aparece fumando "salchichas", bailando con osos, o dándole nalgadas a un travesti. Ahora sale completamente desnuda sobre una bola demoledora. La canción es fabulosa, y aunque el vídeo no le hace suficiente justicia, logró su objetivo de llamar la atención.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week | Spring/Summer 2014 | DAY 4

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Today was one of the most anticipated days of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. Not only Victoria Beckham and Diane Von Furstenberg where scheduled, but also DNKY and Thakoon were included (fashion heavyweights of the week). These designers are exactly who gave the most when it comes to innovation and true design. Let me show you a little bit of what they presented today. Go to see the schedule for the Spring/Summer 2014 season here.

Hoy era uno de los días más anticipados del Mercedes Benz Fashion Week verano 2014, no solo era la presentación de Victoria Beckham y Diane Von Furstenberg, sino también de DKNY y Thakoon, nombres pesados que ya han sonado desde hace algunos años en New York. Y fueron precisamente estos diseñadores los que más aportaron innovación y sorpresa el día de hoy. Para ver el calendario completo de NY, Paris, Milan y Londres, verano 2014, da click aquí.

- Victoria Beckham -

Pic: / Graphic: Andy Zaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: Andy Zaturno

Victoria Beckham started five years ago with her fashion line always thinking about the woman's body, no only the shape, but the shape of it underneath the clothing. Today she's designing clothing for woman of the world, women who travel, who are in top of her game, who mix and match preppy and sporty style, but this collection, for sure, went a little bit more for the sport-chic arena. And its totally ok, since sport-comfy clothing is what women are looking for in the stores right now. If you don't believe me, go ask Alexander Wang who's been designing sporty clothing since his very beginning at Parson's. I love the transition of the color palette of this collection, she's well-known for her black and white fixation, but she smartly introduced a beautiful scheme of dark wine red, bloody, and hot pink. ¡Adorable!

 - DKNY -

Pic: / Graphic: Andy Zaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Here's another example of how big of a deal the sport-chic trend is right now. DKNY went from hybrid-blazer-hoodies to Gym jackets mixed with line A min-skirts. It's like they just get out of the gym, put on some office clothing (over the gym clothes) and went to work. I love the color palette because of the hot orange balanced with the black-and-white ensembles. And look at the shoes! Donna covered everything.

- Diane Von Furstenberg -

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

A couple of the most powerful supermodels in the world walked for Diane in her show today, to cover a little bit the lack of innovation and strength that gave Diane a name in the business back in the day. Of course this collection has every nowadays trend out there, from the crop tops, to the tangerine, to the white on white ensembles, but there wasn't nothing that speaks for the collection on its own, it felt like she borrowed something from every designer of the New York Fashion Week and mixed everything together in her collection. She made into my list because well, Naomi Campbell closed the show. lol.

- Thakoon -

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Remember "The September Issue"'s Thakoon? Anna's Favorite? Well, he's been the designer "to look up to" even since at the New York Fashion Week, and even when he is not the most innovative, he's definitely trying to do something out of the box. Once again, the trends are there, starting from the crop-tops, but look at that metallic accent, the vinyl skirt and top, or the head to thigh boots-sandals/whatever the fuck that is. The essence of this collection was quite hippie-ish-grunge that you even dare to say that some of the girls need to take a shower, but he managed to pull a decent collection, and very commercial, too. I guess he learn that from Anna. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week | Spring/Summer 2014 | DAY 3

New York fashion week spring 2014 Day 3
Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

The season has been progressing so far with the most delightful and powerful collections, and it's getting better. Today at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014 designers such as Ruffian, Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Lacoste and Monique Lhuillier presented their collections giving an extra empowerment to the word: femininity. From the soft-delicate colors, to the beautiful silhouettes. A couple of them very glam-chic-evening driven while some others kept exploring the sport-chic universe. Click here to see the rest of the schedule for this season.

Progresa la temporada Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week primavera/verano 2014 con fantásticas colecciones, y cada día se pone mejor. Algunas firmas y diseñadores como Ruffian, Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung, Lacoste y Monique Lhuillier presentaron sus colecciones reafirmando el poder de la palabra: Feminidad. Desde los colores hasta la delicadeza de las siluetas. Algunos de ellos se fueron por la corriente glam-ropa de noche, y otros le siguieron apostando al universo de la ropa deportiva chic. No olvides que puedes ver el calendario completo de pasarelas aquí.

- Prabal Gurung -

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

The collection was definitely the highlight of the day. Prabal Gurung proved that he knows how to dress a woman differently with each collection, he respects his DNA as a designer but goes further exploring new textures, colors and silhouettes. This collection kinda remains me to Lanvin because of the beautiful pencil skirts and the colorful prints. I'm in love his the eyewear as well, it kinda complements the entire take giving it an extra 80's look-and-feel to the clothing. 

 - Lacoste -

Lacoste Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week Day 3
Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Lacoste Spring Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week Day 3
Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

There's something in Lacoste than never stops to amazing me. It's a very traditional american brand who has to appeal to people into sports (such as tennis itself, of course) but that always have to propose something new and different with each collection introducing everything trendy at the moment. We saw crop tops, cut-outs, see-through fabrics, washed colors, yet the simplicity and the sport spirit was still there (in fact some of the girls came out wearing gym shoes). This was also very Calvin Klein-ish right? It's not something bad, it's just that the entire look-and-feel has something of that other brand.

  - Alexander Wang -

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Alexander Wang did it again with his sport-chic, all day wearable DNA, exactly what made him famous, but it was kinda tired and dated at the same time. He is in charge of Balenciaga right now and you'd expect from him something a little bit more elaborated and innovative, putting a "Parental Advisory" in from of a sweater is not gonna do the job. Some of the ensembles looked cheap as well (such as the denim ones), but I guess the entire collection is gonna sell well and that's why he made it into my list because he's business driven.

- Mara Hoffman -

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

Pic: / Graphic: AndyZaturno.

How adorable was this collection? It was colorful, fun, wearable, and meant for summer, I just love how the prints and the graphics are kinda related to Latin America, I could easily see some designer from Colombia make something exactly like this. It's kinda refreshing to see bright playful colors on the runway after seen so much washed colors the past few days.