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Golden Globe 2014: Red carpet best dressed - Mejor vestidas Globos de oro 2014.

Golden Globe Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Pic: Getty. Graphic: Andy Escobar

The People's Choice Awards come first, Golden Globes come second and then we have the Academy Awards. It's Red-Carpet season and I'm thrilled to see what celebrities dare to wear, we get the boring, the safe, the disasters, and the risky, naturally, I love innovate takes when it comes to fashion, specially in such mainstream event like the red-carpet. So I'll say: Give me the risky.

Here are my favorite TOP 5 best dressed celebrities at the Golden Globe Awards 2014. The key words for this years red carpet are: red, lace black and red. Yes, red once again.


Lo arriesgado, lo aburrido, y lo seguro, vestidos de noche que revelan el gusto por vestir de las celebridades más famosas del cine y la televisión. Estas fueron las mejor vestidas de los premios Globo de Oro que tomaron lugar el día de ayer en Los Angeles. Claves para retomar: Rojo y encaje negro.

- Emma Watson in Christian Dior Couture -

Golden Globe Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Pic: RCFA Graphic: RCFA

She's one of those celebrities who really knows how to dress for her age, and most of all, knows how to experiment with fashion and always has open arms to new things, whether they are a shocker or simply tasteless, she's young and lives to it. At the Golden Globe Awards 2014 she did it again with an impressive Christian Dior Couture dress that revealed an interesting back: skin, dress and formal cropped trousers.  An hybrid of two worlds in one single gown. Fashion, like art, are there to surprise and tell stories, and Emma did and amazing job expressing herself.

- Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren -

Golden Globe Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Pic. RCFA Graphic: RCFA

She has the style, she has the attitude and she has the body so Lupita had it all to wear such a demanding dress as that Ralph Laurent Spring 2014 one in hot fire red with an attached cape. It not only made her skin look impressively beautiful but just simply one of the best dressed of the night. The buzzcut hairstyle and the cute little earnings gave her that effortless look that every celebrity looks for in a red carpet. If you ask me, it feels like that dress was meant for her, better yet, was made for her. ¡And that cape was so dramatic!

- Cate Blanchett In Armani Privé Couture -

Golden Globe Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Pic: RCFA Graphic: RCFA

We already know Cate is an act of class and she's constantly called as a real "Hollywood star", and well, she's really giving justice to that title by looking like a million dollar baby everywhere she goes, the Golden Globe Awards 2014 was not the exception. She was wearing a dramatic black lace sheer-effect Armani Privé Fall 2013 Couture dress and it fitted so perfectly on her that it gives the impression that not other woman could ever pulled that dress off like that. She looks so delicate and sophisticated that it's almost emotional. ¡The neck and sleeve areas of the dress are my favorites!

- Amy Adams in Valentino -

Golden Globe Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Pic: RCFA Graphic: RCFA

Nothing more expressive than wine dark red pared with bloody red, and Amy Adams wore exactly that with an exclusive and very expensive Valentino dress. And we all know no one makes red gowns as perfect as Valentino. What I really love about this look is that incredible cleavage the dress allows (for small breasted women of course), and she gave it her little personal touch with a delicate necklace that went all the way to her chest. ¡Loving her discrete accessories, she knew the dress itself was more than enough! 

- Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham -

Golden Globe Awards 2014 Red Carpet
Pic: RCFA Graphic: RCFA.

Helen Mirren is a perfect example of how gorgeous you can look in a formal event even if you're a senior citizen. The color, a very vibrant green, was perfect and made her look bright, happy and alive, which destroys the myth that older women can't wear bright colors. Also, look at the long sleeves, very appropriate. And last but not least, her incredible haircut. Take notes. The dress is by Jenny Packham.

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