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FashionGiver JukeBox ®: "SUGAR AND WHITEBREAD" by Glass Candy

Pic:FashionGiver Graphic: Andy Escobar.

Everyone that knows me describe me as a fashion lover and a music lover, and I'm definitely guilty of that. So I came out with this idea to mix the best of both worlds in FashionGiver. Music that has been used in fashion shows, soundtracks, and of course, TOP 40, and the hottests hits in the world of the moment.

I'm gonna be using Youtube videos with the songs within themselves (some of them actually music videos), I'm sorry if you're in a country where some of the videos are not available, yet I'm gonna write the song title for you to look for it on Spotify, itunes or whatever. I'm gonna be posting a new song every week.

This first song I recommend was used in the CHLOE Spring/Summer 2007 fashion show and ever since I heard it, it became pretty much a soundtrack of my life, I even remember it until today. ¡Let's jukebox it!


Hay nueva sección en el blog, semanalmente estaré subiendo una canción que haga parte del TOP 40 internacional, éxitos del momento, y por supuesto, canciones fabulosas utilizadas en algunas de las pasarelas más representativas de las semanas de moda del mundo.

Es una oportunidad para combinar en el blog lo mejor de los dos mundos: Música y Moda. Esta primera canción fue usada en el show de CHLOE Spring/Summer 2007 y desde entonces me encanta.¡Bienvenidos!


And this is the fashion show where it was used

If you have any song recommendation, please let me know. XOXO. (Si tienes alguna recomendación de música, por favor házmelo saber)

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