FashionGiver JukeBox: "Falling in love in a coffee shop" by Daniela Andrade (Landon Pigg cover)


Ok, most of you know that I really enjoy going through new-comer singers on Youtube, and I recently found this talented girl called Daniela Andrade, she has both original and cover songs in her Youtube account and even on Spotify. (I think you can purchase it on itunes as well).

Today I want to share with you guys this song (original by Landon Pigg) covered by Daniela, It is called: "Falling in love in a coffee shop" and I listen to it on Spotify the other day in my car, and well, I didn't fall in love in a coffee shop but actually inside my car. Lol. It's soft, touching, relaxing, and the lyrics are amazing.

This girl has an incredible voice and I know she's gonna have an amazing career.

Daniela Andrade
Daniela Andrade. Pic:


Algunos de ustedes saben que adoro describir nuevos cantantes por Youtube y darles un lugar especial en mi blog, en esta oportunidad quiero compartirles una canción de una chica con una voz grandiosa llamada Daniela Andrade. La canción es original de Landon Pigg pero ella le da su toque especial.

Te invito a escuchar "Falling in love in a coffee shop". Pueden comprar la canción en itunes.


To learn more about Daniela, check her out on her Youtube Acount >>>