Miami Fashion Week 2014 Recap: Stella Jean, Custo Barcelona, Andrés Sarda, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Miami Fashion Week logo, trademark.

Miami Fashion Week 2014 was an event to remember, it was not only full of the most magnificent and beautiful people, but designers who presented their latest collections with the latest trends for summer. A couple of the designer I got the chance to see were Custo Barcelona, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Andrés Sarda, Stella Jean, and Sherri Hill, of course.

The event was very special for me because it was my first time attending Miami Fashion Week, as an official fashion blogger, which made it even more enjoyable and amazing. ¡I'm hoping I can attend Miami Fashion Week every year!

These are my favorite collections of the event: 


One of my favorite shows of the Miami Fashion Week 2014 has got to be the incredible Stella Jean, she really knows how to express summer thro' her clothes, specially giving enough power to the prints she used as one of the main things we have for interpretation.

Can we please talk about the incredible way she mixes different prints? There is not a single empty spot in the canvas and that's what I love, so intricate, so full of details, so full of colors and textures that it's impossible not to feel happy and alive watching her clothes. 

I also go the chance to see her clothes closer in her own island during fashion week, I express my endless love for her shoes, I even tried her sleepers on. (The first pic) 

And this is how I captured the finale of their runway during fashion week, front row.


Stella Jean is an Italian-Haitian designer born and currently living in Rome, Italy with a multicultural background in art, fashion and beauty. Stella began her career as a model for Egon Von Fürstenberg and discovered her creative calling for fashion designing. Her fashion line, Stella Jean, has a distinctive style indicative of her own personal story which she calls “Wax & Stripes Philosophy”. Her designs are a union between waxed textiles, Fifties chic, men’s shirt fabric and an impeccable European cut which exposes a transversal and groundbreaking creativity that poses no limits to cultural, social and fabric mixes. In September 2012 she debuted her collections during Milan’s Fashion Week and a year later was chosen by Giorgio Armani to show her collection in the spaces of the Armani Theater during Milan Fashion Week. Bio taken from the Miami Fashion Week website.


It's easy to imagine a new great collection when it comes to Custo Barcelona, and it wasn't the exception during Miami Fashion Week this year, we saw clothing with animal print and ethic prints that are already a signature when it comes to his work.

What I liked the most about this collection was his take on menswear, it was summery, comfy, and beautiful to watch, its rare to see this kind of interpretation when it comes to the male wardrobe since men often don't take fashion risks, but this is definitely an invitation to go further.

This is the video I took of the Custo Barcelona Finale in the front row.


Inspired in Las Vegas (USA), Andrés Sarda takes her lingerie line to the next level, it was all about the excess, rock and roll, money, and sex, and it showed. What I loved about this collection was its cohesiveness, the color palette was incredible and the real metallic implements in some of the pieces was absolutely breath-taking.  

I hope I can see more of Andrés Sarda in the future and keep seeing this kind of fun, glorious collections.

This is the video I took of the Andrés Sarda Finale in the front row.


What I liked the most about this Agatha Ruiz de la Prada collection was its commercial take, that even tho' we've already seen it in the past, this year during the Miami Fashion Week was stronger and clearer to see. I really wanted to see that story behind the collection, the magnificence of the colors she uses, starting with the fucsia, but also I wanted to see the trends. She presented polka dots, color blocking, and ombré. 

The bags and the shoes were incredible as well, they all have a sense of childhood yet infested with happiness and good energy. I mean, let's not forget that her symbol is a "heart". And it shows.

This is how I saw the finale of the collection from the front row.

 This is how Agatha said goodbye and closed the Miami Fashion Week.



Pictures source: Gallery, AndyEscobaro Instagram Feed, Stella Jean official Website.