FashionGiver Style ID: Nicole Richie | Candidly Nicole

Pic: Nicole Richie's Instagram Feed Graphic: Andy Escobar.

Remember "The Simple Life"? That one crazy show featuring no other than Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie themselves? Well, those days are long gone since Nicole is now a fashion powerhouse with a hit show called "Candidly Nicole". I already saw the first episode and I fell in love. ¡She still has that dark humor that we all like about her!

Even tho' she changes her hairstyle very often and plays with it, she's rocking a purple hairdo nowadays that really complements her rebel, sassy, carefree personality, and it is definitely refreshing to see that A-list celebrities are taking chances when it comes to their hair color, do you remember Kylie Jenner's blue hair? That's another good example. I dare to say it's a trend right now, specially for summer season. ¡Let's move on and forget the ombré hair once and for all!

What I like about Nicole's recent "improved" style is that she got classier yet she still plays fun when it comes to fashion. She likes to showcase her skinny silhouette with tight clothing and sky-high heels. And when it comes to dresses, she likes to show her arms, back, and emphasize, yet again, her skinny body with column constructed ensembles. Also, showing her belly and hips it's not problem for her. ¡Look at that crop top style she's rocking in the picture below!

It's young, fresh, colorful, yet she tries to keep it classy, sophisticated, and always trendy. It's a perfect balance for a young adult with a skinny frame and purple hair. Maybe this is the style you're looking for.


Me encanta el estilo de Nicole Richie porque es un perfecto balance entre lo divertido y trendy, con lo clásico y recatado. Otra señal de estilo que quiero resaltar en este post, es su color de cabello, no hace falta ser un adolescente para sacarle provecho a colores vibrantes como un púrpura o incluso un azul oscuro, en clave Kylie Jenner.

Recomiendo ver el nuevo show de Nicole Richie "Candidly Nicole" para que sigamos aprendiendo e inspirandonos en su guardaropa. ¡Los días de "The Simple Life" quedaron atrás!

Pictures: Online Database.
Article: Andy Escobar.