I got to be honest with you guys but  I wasn't really feeling Ariana Grande at the beginning, but she totally got me with her new album called MY EVERYTHING,  it sound just like Mariah Carey and such but I just don't care, I feel like this is the reincarnation of Mimi and her glorious voice.

If you ask me which are my favorite songs from my everything by Ariana Grande, they have to be LOVE ME HARDER and BREAK FREE, and yes, I don't like Problem whatsoever, if I hear that song once again I´m gonna die.

I downloaded the album when it leaked because I was dying to hear it, but now I'm planning to buy it. Download My everything by Ariana Grande only if you're sure you're gonna buy it then, I don't support piracy.

In the video above is the entire album (my everything by Ariana Grande) in case you're too lazy to search for it and download it. Just hear it from there.