Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FashionGiver Style ID: Nicole Richie | Candidly Nicole

Pic: Nicole Richie's Instagram Feed Graphic: Andy Escobar.

Remember "The Simple Life"? That one crazy show featuring no other than Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie themselves? Well, those days are long gone since Nicole is now a fashion powerhouse with a hit show called "Candidly Nicole". I already saw the first episode and I fell in love. ¡She still has that dark humor that we all like about her!

Even tho' she changes her hairstyle very often and plays with it, she's rocking a purple hairdo nowadays that really complements her rebel, sassy, carefree personality, and it is definitely refreshing to see that A-list celebrities are taking chances when it comes to their hair color, do you remember Kylie Jenner's blue hair? That's another good example. I dare to say it's a trend right now, specially for summer season. ¡Let's move on and forget the ombré hair once and for all!

What I like about Nicole's recent "improved" style is that she got classier yet she still plays fun when it comes to fashion. She likes to showcase her skinny silhouette with tight clothing and sky-high heels. And when it comes to dresses, she likes to show her arms, back, and emphasize, yet again, her skinny body with column constructed ensembles. Also, showing her belly and hips it's not problem for her. ¡Look at that crop top style she's rocking in the picture below!

It's young, fresh, colorful, yet she tries to keep it classy, sophisticated, and always trendy. It's a perfect balance for a young adult with a skinny frame and purple hair. Maybe this is the style you're looking for.


Me encanta el estilo de Nicole Richie porque es un perfecto balance entre lo divertido y trendy, con lo clásico y recatado. Otra señal de estilo que quiero resaltar en este post, es su color de cabello, no hace falta ser un adolescente para sacarle provecho a colores vibrantes como un púrpura o incluso un azul oscuro, en clave Kylie Jenner.

Recomiendo ver el nuevo show de Nicole Richie "Candidly Nicole" para que sigamos aprendiendo e inspirandonos en su guardaropa. ¡Los días de "The Simple Life" quedaron atrás!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Colombiamoda Fashion Week 2014: Day 1 Recap | Carolina Sepúlveda ALDEA, Vanessa Gómez Revista Fucsia, Andrés Pajón y Cartagena

Colombiamoda 2014
Gráficos: Cortesía Inexmoda. Composición: Andy Escobar. Colombiamoda 2014 Día 1 / Day 1


Andres Pajon

Andres Pajon

Andres Pajon

Drama, luxury, and a femme fatale. I can't think about anything else that can describe my excitement for this collection. Presented by the colombian brand Andrés Pajón y Cartagena, this basket of looks represents what's coming next for colombian fashion: risk, rich materials, innovative designs, and international aesthetics. If I put this collection side by side with some French or Italian designer, such as Nina Ricci or even Versace (back in the day), you would think this is also part of the mix. ¡And that's major for a couple of young upcoming designers! 

Celebrities, socialités, or even a mom next door, can dream, and actually have, one of this dresses for that magical event around the corner. That's exactly what make this collection so special, it certainly looks unapproachable yet it's actually talent of ours, created and produced in Colombia, with stores based here. ¡With incredible prices! What else can you ask for?

For more pictures from the Andrés Pajón y Cartagena collection, click here >>> Colombiamoda 2014 Andrés Pajón y Cartagena.

Collection: ASHES.

Vanessa gomez, ashes

Vanessa gomez, ashes

Vanessa gomez, ashes

If you think Colombian fashion can't go further and put on the table international aesthetics, then think twice. Vanessa Gómez came out with one of the most interesting and powerful collections I've seen during Colombiamoda (Colombia Fashion Week), in past and present. She was inspired but emptiness, the feeling and the conversation that goes around it. On the runway, clothing were moving by fans all over the floor, making the air vibrate thro' the fabrics, showing us all in the room that movement and comfort are always essential. I also felt some sort of an oriental look & feel in the production, specially when it comes to hair, make up, and shoes, but maybe that's just me. Some of the pieces were finished hand-made.

You can tell clothing were filled with melancholia, darkness, sadness, like ashes themselves, yet movement and air give the clothing new life, and all that put together, that story, and that power, is what you can get from Vanessa Gómez and her collection.

To see more pictures about this collection, please visit >>> Colombiamoda 2014 Vanessa Gómez

Monday, July 21, 2014

Colombiamoda Fashion Week 2014: Schedule | Calendario de pasarelas

Imagen Gráfica: Inexmoda. Composición: Andy Escobar. Calendario de pasarelas Colombiamoda 2014


12:00 p.m. Pasarela Non Stop / Caracol TV: Andrés Pajón, Bastardo, Maria Angélica Guerra, Purpuratta
01:00 p.m. Pasarela Fucsia – ESDEN by Ashes
02:00 p.m. Pasarela Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina
03:00 p.m. Pasarela Appicaps y Selectiva (Calzado – Vestuario de Portugal)
04:00 p.m. Pasarela Alcaldía de Medellin: Andrea Landa, Natalia Londoño y Love Citizens
05:00 p.m. Pasarela Ipanema – Paradizia
06:00 p.m. Pasarela Agua Cielo – Don Eloy by Carolina Sepúlveda
07:00 p.m. Pasarela Leonisa
08:00 p.m. Pasarela Haceb by Custo Barcelona
09:00 p.m. Pasarela Tennis


11:00 a.m. Pasarela Non Stop / Caracol TV: 747, Mariana Vélez, Julián Ruiz, Lía Samantha
12:00 p.m. Pasarela Trucco´s Jeans
01:00 p.m. Pasarela Infashion by Kika Vargas
04:00 p.m. Pasarela Jóvenes Creadores Chocolyne – Colegiatura
05:00 p.m. Pasarela Agua Bendita
06:00 p.m. Pasarela Studio F
07:00 p.m. Pasarela Cromos by Renata Lozano
08:00 p.m. Pasarela Carrusel – Banco de Bogotá by Beatriz Camacho
09:00 p.m. Pasarela GEF


12:00 p.m. Pasarela Non Stop / Caracol TV: Manuela Álvarez, Alado, Nilos, Faride Ramos
01:00 p.m. Pasarela Tamesis/Beverly Hills Swimwear By Carmen Belissa
02:00 p.m. Pasarela UPB
04:00 p.m. Pasarela Modo Rosa con Éxito, Colectivo de diseñadores
05:00 p.m. Pasarela Onda de Mar
06:00 p.m. Pasarela Matisses by Jorge Duque
07:00 p.m. Pasarela Punto Blanco
08:00 p.m. Pasarela Lina Cantillo
09:00 p.m. Pasarela de cierre: Johanna Ortiz

Información cortesía INEXMODA.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Céline | Fall Winter 2014/2015 Full Fashion Show | Review

Phoebe Philo has something in her blood that pushes her to do something even more impressive with every collection she puts out there, there's not a single piece that doesn't express femininity yet they are clothes meant to be worn for women who understand their power and strength. That same strength they use in the office while they prepare to take their children to school. Clothes that elevate a woman's sophistication giving her the commodity to do everything she has got to do during the day. That's Céline by Phoebe Philo.

This particular collection has deep influences in the 80's and 90's, long knitted coats with flat-form shoes and sandals, and meticulous touches of fur. What I liked the most about this collection was the neck-torso area in pretty much all the pieces, all the structure and focus was there, layering different fabrics along with the coats, jackets and sweaters.

If you wanna feel ready in cold days, with comfy flat shoes, yet looking like a million dollar baby, with all the 90's nostalgia, this collection is the one to see.


SUMMER GETAWAY 2014 PHOTO DIARY: New York, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Coming to the U.S. it's always a pleasure, I get to see my dear friends, family, and the love of my life, but other than that, I also get the chance to explore new places, breath new air, and surely, get to know new people, that's the most exiting part of it all.

For summer vacations I went to New York, Washington, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and other places within Maryland (Baltimore, Columbia, etc). Every place has it own spirit, the food, the people, and even the weather. Of course New York has a special place in my heart, but the Rehoboth Beach, in Lewes, Delaware was definitely my favorite destination so far.

Here are some pictures of my trip, I hope they inspire you to leave the office and give yourself some quiality time. Xo Andy.