Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier circa 2013

Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas broke up for good, yes, broke up, and even tho' they were not officially dating, their friendship looked and felt like an actual love relationship. ¡And we're also broken!

Rumor has it that Cameron Dallas was the first one to call it quits with Nash (16) a boy much more younger than Cameron (21), reasons? well, the age factor is one, Cameron felt like he was not really prepared to be hanging out with an underage boy (both of them have different interests), second, and the most powerful reason of them all, is that Cameron is not longer part of 26 MNGT, Nash's father marketing company and the one who was representing Cameron with all his inquires, they say Cameron left 26 MNGT because he is now the owner of MAGCON, and both MAGCON and 6 MNGMT have nothing to do with each other.

Nash Grier rejected to be part of MAGCON again (also the Jack's, Matt Espinosa, and Hayes Grier) even tho Cameron was the one controling the project. Nash is currently working with DIGITOUR, and the other boys are working on personal projects.

Rapist Carter Reynold and Taylor Caniff are going to be part of MAGCON once again, it was not hard to predict since those two guys were no longer anywhere to be seen and they became complete irrelevant after MAGCON, so I guess this is am chance for them to be relevant again? Who knows but they are on board with Cameron Dallas on that.

Hayes Grier sent a tweet to Cameron saying that he was extremely disappointed with him, so I guess Cameron and Hayes are not longer friends either.

MAGCON seems like an old thing to me, teen girls are already moving on with their lives yet these boys are trying to beat a dead horse, what about finishing high school? pursue an actual career?  

At least Shawn Mendes, which is not a big thing either, is touring with Taylor Swift and trying something in the music industry.


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XO Andy.