Cameron Dallas: Calvin Klein Jeans

Vine superstar Cameron Dallas is the new face of Calvin Klein Jeans. The 21-year-old American internet personality attended the Calvin Klein’s AW16 show months ago driving everyone crazy, specially teenage girls. He is not only a sex symbol for teens as a matter of fact, he is a sex symbol for both men and women.

He is a living success formula: He's young, rich, fit, has a perfect smile, perfect hair and shines everywhere he goes with perfect tan skin. Oh! And amuses everyone with his internet influence, the same influence that made him the new face of Calvin Klein Jeans.

That's the power of the internet and its influence in the fashion industry. But this is not new, super models are now measured with their internet popularity, if they are no where to be seen on Instagram, it's impossible for them to book a campaign or a runway show.  Once again, everything is about influence and Cameron Dallas has it all, a lot of it.

Cameron Dallas is the new face of Calvin Klein Jeans and we love it. It's a new refreshing twist for the brand image, Cameron is real, he is a comedian after all, he seems approachable,  sweet, simple but he also have something under his belt that makes us love him even more: he has perfect abs, perfect body and a perfect face. We all want a PIECE OF CAMERON DALLAS.